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Electrostatic Oscillation Therapy

  • Brand: Longest
  • Reference: LGT-2360S

PowerOsci LGT-2360S

Designed to provide immediateconvenient, and comfortable treatment.

GZ Longest PowerOsci LGT-2360S is designed for mobile use, increasing speed and easing the delivery of healthcare to patients. The compact portable design, built-in rechargeable battery, easy-to-operate system, and comprehensive pre-programmed protocols allow more flexible, quick, and convenient use for both healthcare professionals and individuals.

The therapy can be adjusted to the desired treatment with customized individual frequency, voltage, and therapy duration, improving the quality of patient experience. The whole process of the treatment is gentle and relaxing, without causing electrical tingling. 


Features & Benefits

GZ Longest PowerOsci LGT-2360S combines excellent treatment quality with unique features for mobile use, easy operability, and efficiency. Straightforward functions and excellent ergonomics greatly enhance efficiency and convenience and simplify overall clinical workflow in many fields of practice.


Powerful and Comfortable Electrostatic Oscillation Therapy

PowerOsci LGT-2360S achieves many therapeutic effects, including accelerating wound healing and the regeneration of soft tissues by producing low-frequency impulses. The impulses exert a strong biological effect on the tissue itself and can permeate all tissue layers, including skin, subcutaneous fat, muscle, blood vessels, lymphatics, and connective tissue.

The device provides frequencies from 50Hz to 300Hz, meeting wide clinical needs. And it can be used immediately to treat symptoms after surgery, speeding up post-operative recovery. The process is comfortable, causing no electrical tingling.


Enable Self-care By Patients, Give Patient Faster Access to Care

Longest PowerOsci LGT-2360S is a mobile electrostatic oscillation therapy device designed to increase people’s access to more convenient, immediate, and cost-effective physiotherapy to better manage their chronic conditions and improve overall health and quality of life. 

The device is easy to learn. Individuals can use it to manage their conditions easily at home, under the guidance of healthcare professionals.


Pre-programmed Protocols, Card Free

17 pre-programmed protocols in the fields of Athletic, Rehab, Chiropractic, and Continuing Care simplify the operation, helping healthcare providers improve workflow efficiency. This straightforward function also enables people to use the device to manage their conditions and improve their health at home.

Customized Protocols for Different Conditions

Therapists or users can also customize protocols according to specific treatment requirements. You can store 5 customized protocols for convenient use next time. 


Treatment with An Applicator

Connect an applicator to the device and apply massage movement with the applicator.

Treatment with vinyl gloves

Electrostatic oscillation therapy can also be administered by a therapist via vinyl gloves to the patient. Apply electrode pads on the therapist and connect the electrode pads to the device. Then the therapist wears vinyl gloves to apply massage movement.


Thoughtful Design, User-Friendly

  • Device stand to top the device on
  • 2.8″ full-color LCD screen for increased readability and stunning visuals
  • Pocket-sized design, rechargeable battery, and a carrying bag, great for on the go
  • Easy-to-replace applicator head to ensure hygiene and prevent cross infection

FDA Approved, Quality & Safety Assured

Longest PowerOsci LGT-2360S is FDA registered and approved.  As an ISO-certified company, we carry out a strict quality management system to ensure every product is of international-standard quality. 




Clinical Effects

PowerOsci LGT-2360S provides many clinical effects and can be used in aesthetic treatment centers, hospitals, and clinics.


Sports Medicine

  • Strong Pain Relief Potential
  • Edema Reduction
  • Promotion of Wound Healing
  • Anti-inflammatory Effect
  • Enhancement of Microcirculation

Pre-and Post Surgical Recovery

  • Prevention and Reduction of  Lymphoedema
  • Trophic Improvement
  • Increase of Range of Motion
  • Acceleration of wound healing
  • Anti-inflammatory Effect

Aesthetic Medicine

  • Detoxification
  • Cellulite Reduction
  • Improvement of Skin Elasticity & Firmness
  • Anti-aging of Face and Neck
  • Removal of Eye Bags and Dark Circles
  • Scars Elimination

Neurological Rehabilitation

  • Reduce Pain
  • Prevent Muscle Atrophy
  • Improve Muscle Strength
  • Restore Mobility



PowerOsci LGT-2360S can not be applied to treat patients with the following conditions:

1) Acute infections;
2) Acute inflammations with the participation of pathogenic agents;
3) Active tuberculosis;
4) Acute venous diseases(untreated thromboses);
5) Untreated malignant processes;
6) Erysipelas;
7) Patients and therapists with cardiac pacemakers and other
electronic implants;
8) Untreated heart disorders and diseases, especially cardiac
insufficiency, decompensated cardiac edema, and cardiac arrhythmia;
9) Pregnancy;
10) Hypersensitivity to electrostatic fields;
11) Infectious skin diseases;
12) Vertebrobasilar insufficiency (VBI).





Ordering Number Name
2360 02 PowerOsci Applicator Handhold Set
2360 03 PowerOsci Applicator Handle only
2360 04(e) PowerOsci Electrode Pin Lead Wire (2/pk)
2360 04(a) PowerOsci Applicator Lead Wire (2/pk)
2360 05 5.5cm PowerOsci Head
2360 06 10cm PowerOsci Head
2360 07 Titanium Element (1/pk)
2360 08 Wall Adapter & USB Cord
2360 09 2600mAh, lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery
2360 10 PowerOsci Carrying Case
2360 11 Device Stand
2360 12 Electrode Pads (2 pairs/ pack)




  Product Name   PowerOsci
  Product Model   LGT-2360S
  Interface   2.8″ full-color LCD screen
  Output Voltage   0-900V (p-p), 0-100%
  Output Frequency   5-300 Hz
Modulation (on/off ratio)

 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 1/1, 2/1, 3/1, 4/1

 Treatment Duration

 Max. 90min


  Preset protocols   Athletic, Rehab, Chiropractic, Continuing Care
  Battery   2600mAh, lithium-ion battery, rechargeable
  Dimension   76.5 x 143.5 x 35.5mm 
  Standard Weight   220g
  Certification   FDA



Operation Demonstration

with a vinyl gloved hand


with an applicator