Grip Training Ball (Blue)

  • Brand: OriOri
  • Reference: ORIORI

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The grip training device is the smallest grip training device in the world. It can accurately measure the grip strength, record the grip strength data, and formulate a grip strength training plan. also there are grip strength control games to make the grip strength training more fun.

Apply to

Alzheimer's disease,  Parkinson,  Apoplexy,  Cognitive impairment, Rheumatoid arthritis,  PICC Line,  Upper limb fracture,  Hand injury recovery.

Technical features

Six-axis somatosensory chip: It can locate the position change of the grip training device in space, and judge whether the user's hand posture is accurate.

- Rotation angle accuracy minimum recognition 1 degree

- Accuracy of space acceleration minimum recognition 0.4 m/s² (product use 4 m/s²)

Grip strength sensor: It can monitor the value of the grip strength in real time and display the current grip strength data.

- Minimum recognition of pressure perception progress 10 g

Bluetooth chip: It can be connected to mobile devices, mobile phones or tablet computers, to transmit data to the device, and record data and analyze data through APP.



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