Prestige Class B Autoclave (Advance Pro+)

  • Brand: Prestige Medical
  • Reference: AdvancePro+


Advance Pro+

Advance Pro+ is the latest addition to the Advance range of quality autoclaves from Prestige Medical. Building on the success of Advance Pro, Advance Pro+ offers superior performance and faster cycle times designed to streamline instrument management within busy clinics.

Thanks to Prestige Medical’s Water Injection Technology (WIT) speed is a fundamental value with Advance Pro+. Design excellence and innovative technology combine to provide superior practical performance which means you can:

  • Sterilize full loads in less than 30 minutes
  • Save over 30% on cycle times with Advance Pro+

Advance Pro+ still retains the flexibility of Class B vacuum and Class N non-vacuum cycles in the same unit, helping to simplify and streamline the day to day sterilization needs of busy clinics – now even faster!