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Infra-Red Sensor Foam Soap Dispenser

  • Reference: HW7


Short Description
Highlighted is an electronic foam soap dispenser with a touch-free sensor that prevents contamination of germs. The advanced mechanism delivers a precise dose every time. This reliable electronic soap dispenser is ideal for liquid foam soaps.
Product Details
Features & Specifications
Operated by 4pcs AA batteries or 6V DC adapter
High-quality ABS housing
Foam soap
Capacity: 1000mL, enough for around 1,500 dispensing
Dimensions: D106 x W144 x H257mm
Packaging includes: white box, wall plug, screw pair
Easy installation
Soap level display

Remarks : Use 1 – 2 portions of distilled water and 1 portion of general liquid soap to make the foam effect when use general liquid soap for this foam soap dispenser.