Disposable Circumcision Anastomat

  • Brand: ZSR
  • Reference: ZSR-DCA


Oriental Daily News (2017-02-15 Wednesday)

Disposable circumcision anastomat is a surgical instrument for male urological circumcision and suturing surgery. It is characterized by easy, safe and efficient operation as well as simultaneous completion of circumcision and suturing, and is a pioneering invention on urological surgery. Traditional circumcision and suturing surgery has shortcomings such as complicated operations, long duration, more hemorrhage, pain, hardly neat incision, postoperative hematoma and edema. “ZSR disposable circumcision anastomat” can solve all problems above. The product combines clinical medicine experience and simple structure design to enable male urological surgery towards fine, safe, quick and perfect. 
A technological innovation; providing patients with more security
Precautions for Use
•Preparation: After measuring with a caliper, select appropriate disposable circumcision anastomat according to the size of glans.
•Counterclockwise adjust the knob at the end of circumcision anastomat, and slightly take out of the nail seat components at front end of circumcision anastomat.
• Put the nail seat cover into foreskin with cover on glans. Make nail seat components tilt appropriately and make it match with coronary ditch slope. The foreskin will naturally bond to the top of nail seat cover. 
•Slightly take out protective cover which protects anastomosis nails. Slowly insert connecting rod of nail seat into anastomat. Clockwise rotate regulation knob to make the end plane of connection rod parallel to the back side of regulation knob according to specific situations of the patient. The experienced doctor may screw up appropriately depending on feelings. 
•Remove insurance pins.
•Slowly clench the handle to trigger the anastomat.
•Slowly rotate to adjust the knob. Observe the situation of incision, and slightly take out the anastomat and the cut foreskin.
•Check the surgical wound. The incision should be flat and the suturing should be uniform.
•Disinfect wound and apply bandage protect. Then the surgery is completed.
Precautions for Use
•The product is disposable product for sterilization. Do not use in case of package in damaged condition.
•The product shall be used by a qualified physician in a surgery.
•Appropriate specification must be selected for surgery. It is strictly prohibited to use inappropriate specification for surgery.
•After surgery, the product shall be disposed as medical wastes.
•After surgery, take medicine following physician’s advice, and strenuous exercise is prohibited.
Applicable Objects
•It is applicable to male patients with phimosis and redundant prepuce. 
Application Scope
•Male genital circumcision;
•Outpatient of Male Urology.
•Patients with inflammatory edema at surgery position;
•Patients with severe deformity at surgery position; 

Patented design
•Elaborate appearance design, and novel product structure
•Simultaneous completion of incision and suturing, and perfect surgery quality
•High quality and high standard product
Aesthetic and Functional
•The head of the product adopts special process to make the surgery finer. 
•Excellent human-machine engineering handle design to make the surgery easier. 
•Incision is neat and beautiful, and the suturing is uniform.
•Auto-dropout anastomosis nails without need of removal of stitches. 
Safe and Painless
•Repeated clinical verifications prove safe for operation.
•The glans penis is protected by a shielding without any damage. 
•It adopts high quality anastomosis nails treated by special process.
•It adopts professional medical materials for professional sterilization and prevention of infection.
•It is painless during and after the surgery, without impact on penile erection after recovery.
•Disposable design to avoid cross infection
•Sterilization instrument may reduce surgery preparation time.
•Mild edema, slight hemorrhage, and good recovery effect. It may avoid re-hospitalization for multiple times. 
•Equipped with calipers with different calibers, and convenient to select the most appropriate caliber for a patient.
Standard and Efficient
•Surgery preparation time is short. Only outpatient surgery is required. Patients may seek for diagnosis and treatment at any time. 
•Surgery duration is short, about 3-5min, with high quality
•Patients do not need hospitalization or bed rest so that it will not affect their work. 
•Simultaneous completion of incision and suturing significantly reduces workload of physicians
1.The operation shall be prepared according to the hospital rules. At first, do various examinations to the patient and measure the size of glans with a caliper (the place between the glans and 2/3 of coronary sulcus will be measured; the skilled doctor can make a choice according to experience without a caliper) to select the appropriate single-use prepuce cutting anastomat. Then, disinfect the surgical spot and do local anaesthesia, or choose other effective anesthesia ways. For the patient who has adherent prepuce, over short frenum or other congenital anomalies, carry on prepuce cutting and suturing operation after the medical treatment is done and blood is stopped. 
2.Anticlockwise adjust the location adjusting knob at the end of prepuce cutting anastomat, and gently take out the concave seat at the front of prepuce cutting anastomat, as shown in Figure 1.
3.Put the concave seat inside the prepuce (If the prepuce is adherent, the adhesion shall be stripped. If it is a phimosis, the preputial orifice shall be expanded or cut open with scissors. several small preputial orifices can be cut open to put the concave seat on the glans, but one preputial orifice can be cut too deep and close to coronary sulcus so as to avoid that it exceeds the circumcision part, and thus the wound can’t be sutured), and make the prepuce turn out and wrap the outside of concave seat and cover the glans. Make the concave seat tilt and maintain the inclination similar with that of the coronary sulcus, and approperiately leave a bit more frenum so as not to cut the frenum short. The prepuce naturally fits the curve top of concave seat, as shown in figure 2.
4.Gently remove the nail-cabin protective cap used to protect the suturing nails, and slowly insert the screw of well-fixed concave seat into the centre hole at the main body of anastomat. Then, clockwise screw the location adjusting knob to make the plane at the end of screw parallel with the plane at the back of location adjusting knob. The tightness is subject to the specific circumstances of patients. The skilled and experienced doctor can appropriately screw it by feeling, as shown in Figure 3. 
5.After adjust the knob in place, make sure if the place where the prepuce will be cut is right or not and if the prepuce is loose or not. After everything is confirmed without any problem, remove the safety pin, as shown in Figure 4. 
6.Slowly and horizontally hold the flexible handgrip with strength and trigger the anastomat for about 5 to 10 seconds (at this time, use dry gauze to wrap the operation part to prevent blood leakage), as shown in Figure 5.
7.Loosen the flexible handgrip and assist to reset it. Anticlockwise and slowly unscrew the location adjusting knob. After the knob is back out for 5mm to 7mm, observe the cutting situation. Press the knob forward and separate the concave seat from the main body of anastomat. Slowly unscrew and back out the anastomat as well as the cut prepuce, and observe if the prepuce is stuck or not. If the prepuce is stuck, slightly press it with fingers or scissors, and then the prepuce will be separated naturally. Don’t aggressively move arms or excessively screw the concave seat to avoid the incision from being torn, as shown in Figure 6. 
8.After remove the instrument, check the wound. If the wound is not completely sutured due to carelessness, the wound can be appropriately sutured. The wound shall be smooth and the suture shall be even, as shown in Figure 7. 
9.Disinfect the wound and wrap it with dry gauze, and then dress it with an elastic bandage for 3 to 5 hours. After the operation, the patient shall follow doctor’s advice, coordinate with postoperative care and use drugs. Before postoperative recovery, avoid over-activity and try best to avoid erection, and it is forbidden to drink alcohol and eat seafood. Within one month after operation, it is forbidden to have sexual intercourse. It is as shown in Figure.