Phototherapy LED lamp

  • Brand: TSE
  • Reference: TSE-LILLY



Phototherapy LED lamp LiLLY
The Phototherapy lamp LiLLY represents the top of the class. The state‑of‑the‑art LED technology is used for neonatal hyperbilirubinemia treatment. A unique apparatus combines safe therapy, ultra long life of radiators, treatment effectiveness and economical operation. It emits intensive light radiation within the spectrum of 440 – 470 nm to reduce bilirubin concentration in the neonatal body.


  • Long life of LED
  • Besides the standard blue light also white light for examination
  • Locating points for correct positioning of lamps
  • Automatic or manual control of light intensity
  • Device progmrammable with buttons or PC
  • Temperature monitoring of the patient with alarm
  • The device has low noise and easy to maintain
  • Can be used freely on incubator or can stand over cot or heated bed
  • Highly flexible lamp-post allows positioning the lamp