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    Disposable items

Disposable items

Disposable Umbilical Cord Clamp
[Code: ZSR-UB-02]

Disposable items


Product introduction
Product principle: An acting force is applied to generate mechanical linkages among all components so as to complete multiple movements of real clinical practices such as umbilical cord clamping and cutting at the same time. While cutting the umbilical cord, the umbilical cord clamps fixate the two ends of the umbilical cord incision, thus preventing the splashing of umbilical cord blood and ensuring safe separation of the newborn’s umbilical cord from the placenta.

•The product’s function and structure have been verified several times for safety and reliability.
•With a patented structural design, the product ensures safe and fast surgery, as well as the total safety of mothers and babies.
•The product can prevent blood splashing, guarantee the safety of medical care personnel, and ensure zero probability of blood infection.
•As a disposable sterilized instrument, the product prevents cross infection.
Easy to use
•The product is an instrument integrating umbilical cord clamps and scissors, thus making clamping and cutting synchronous, fast and efficient.
•Replacing traditional cutting and clamping treatment processes, the product is convenient for collecting umbilical cord blood.
•The product makes incisions that heal quickly, shortens the time of when the umbilical cord falls off, and makes the navel more beautiful.
•High-quality medical materials are used to ensure that life stays away from harm from the beginning, bringing care and love to babies.
•A GMP clean workshop is used for manufacturing, ensuring strict sterilization and high-quality products.
•Excellent manufacturing process results in a higher product quality.
•Cartoon design highlights love and concern with pink color.
•The product design meets the requirements of man-machine engineering, making operation more convenient and faster.
•The easy-to-hold handle design allows for easier surgery.
•Hold the umbilical cord with your left hand, use the clamp to cut the umbilical cord with your right hand; put your index finger and middle finger on the handles on the both sides of the umbilical cord clamp, and use your thumb to press the cartoon-designed head on the umbilical cord clamp (the top of the head or the part inside the head).
•Make the milk-white umbilical cord clamps face the abdomen of the newborn, put the umbilical cord on the bottom of the opening of the clamps, and reserve 2-5cm umbilical cord from the abdomen of the newborn.
•Push the handles, so that the umbilical cord is cut in two by the blade on the fixed mount.
•Use the milk-white umbilical cord clamp to hold the umbilical cord and separate it from the fixed mount; wrap the umbilical cord of the newborn in sterilized dressing.
•Collect umbilical cord blood.
•After the umbilical cord falls off. 

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