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Wheel Chair Accessories
I.V. Solution Stand for Wheelchair or Bed-side
Wheel Chair Accessories
Seat Cushion for Wheel Chair
Hearing Aids
Hearing Aid, behind the ear
Hearing Aids
Japanese Behind the Ear Hearing Aid
Hearing Aids
Japanese Body Aid / Body Worn Hearing Aid
Shower Chair
Shower Chair Without Backrest
hello: B
Shower Chair
Shower Chair With Backrest
hello: L6
Shower Chair
U Shaped Shower / Bath Chair
hello: L6
Toilet Seat
Toilet Seat 4'' / Frame to Raise the Restroom Seat
Commode & Shower Chair
hello: A1
Accessories for Nursing Bed
Air Bed with Air Pump and Hose
hello: L4
Automatic Nursing Bed
Electric Nursing Bed with 2 Functions
hello: R1
Walking Stick
Underarm Crutch
Walking Stick
Forearm Crutch
hello: L1
Walking Stick
Forearm Crutch
hello: L1
Accessories for Walking Aid
Walking Stick Rubber Foot replacements
hello: A3
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Riester Mercury Sphygmomanometer, Germany

Neonatal Incubator

Automated Chest Compression (ACC) for Professionals

Special Offer: COMING SOON!

Portable Mesh Nebulizer

ZINGER Wheel Chair (Black)

Disposable Circumcision Anastomat

Suction Machine (AC Only)

Medical Refrigerators 141L (Double Glazed Door)

Medical Refrigerators 141L (Steel Door)

iHealth Wireless Pulse Oximeter

Special Offer: Health Care Staff Price: HK$498.00

Checkme Lite Health Monitor

Checkme Pro Health Monitor

50L Medical Refrigerator Foam Door with Lock

Compressor Nebulizer

Mobile ECG Monitor

Hakerman Sypha Patient Transfer Chiar

ACCUNIQ Dual-Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

ACCUNIQ Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

PASESA Non-invasive Vascular Screening Device

R1 shock-proof® Sphygmomanometer (Black Scale)

R1 shock-proof® Sphygmomanometer (White Scale)

Checkme O2 Wireless Wrist Pulse Oximeter

Digital Blood Pressure Monitor (Arm Type) (Made in Korea)

Digital Blood Pressure Monitor (Wrist Type)

Infrared Forehead Thermometer (Made in Korea)

Infrared Ear Thermometer (Made in Korea)


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