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Neonatal Incubator

Neonatal Incubator
[Code: SHELLY]

Neonatal Incubator



Incubator SHELLY offers small patients the best from the first day of their life. Its basic functions - thermal regulation according to body and air temperature, measurement and adjustment of optimum humidity and oxygen concentration, all of that microprocessor-controlled provide a wide range of uses in combination with other optional accessories, from standard through intermediate to intensive care.


  • -Long distance visible 9"LCD monitor
  • -Absolute safety watched by 2 Independent processors
  • -Noise level in the space of patient only 38 dB
  • -Completely disassembled for easy cleaning and desinfection
  • -Both sides sliding and revolving bed for easy care and forming emotional bonds with family
  • -Autoclavable humidity chamber
  • -And many more ... for detailed information please see PDF below


2012 Certification of quality management system according to ISO 13485 ensures that all our products and the entire system of our work follow medical devices standards.
2011 Quality management system ISO TS 16949 recertification completed within the automotive industry in the area of development and construction. ISO 14001 quality management system has been integrated to meet the requirements of the environment.
2006 Quality management system certified according to ISO TS 16949 in the production and in the sale of electronic assemblies for the automotive industry.
2005 New type SI-600 incubator receive certificate "Product of the Year" for design.
1998 TSE received CE certificate for medical devices due to compliance with the requirements of the European Directive 93/42/EEC for medical devices.
1994 TSE started to build a quality management system according to the standards of ISO 9001. In the same year stationary infant incubator SI-301 gets brand product quality "Czech made".


        iso9001   iso16949   iso14001   iso13485   esFTL   esSI

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有關Biobase醫療冰箱安全警示之聲明   [2017-10-20]
我們已發公告函給我們所有受影響的客戶。 就此次事件我們盡力的盡我們代理商的本份。發現問題後亦即時上報給生產商。盡我們的能力說服生產商並確認問題, 盡力避免危及大眾健康的意外發生。有問題 , 總在疫苗來之前發現,比起疫苗來之後為好。 收到生產商的指引後我們亦盡快收集所有的資料,並上報於客戶及衛生署。現時正積極地尋求解決方案,盡可能配合衛生署及疫苗計劃,去應付客戶將面對疫苗儲存的燃眉之急。 對於這個問題造成的任何不便,我們深表歉意。 2017年10月20日(星期五)香港時間22時50分 衛生署發出新聞稿,詳情可請見以下網頁。 http://www.info.gov.hk/gia/general/201710/20/P2017102001060.htm

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